AI Developers considers partnerships to be a key component of our business strategy. Our philosophy embraces the ongoing development and maintenance of partnerships that leverage the expertise of both companies and are beneficial to both. We believe our partners extend our reach, as we extend theirs, allowing us to serve our customers more effectively and efficiently by delivering intelligent solutions that span a complete set of business needs. We encourage our partners to use our technology to build new, more intelligent solutions by:

           Embedding our technological advantages into their products

           Reselling our products and services

           Performing consulting and integration services

           Incorporating turn-key intelligent components


AI Developers is focused on building strategic partnerships in three key categories to maximize customer value and be mutually beneficial to both companies:

           ISV/OEM Partners - Partners with software or hardware products that utilize
the functionality enabled by EZ-Xpert software to offer an end-to-end solution.

           System Integration Partners - Partners with domain expertise and/or technical
expertise to implement a complete EZ-Xpert solution.

           Technology Partners - Partners with technology that is complimentary to EZ-Xpert

where the combination of technologies may extend the potential for customer success.


Please contact us at or call us at (888) 327-9397 if you are interested in exploring the creation of a successful partnership with AI Developers, Inc.



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